11 comments on “Contact Info

  1. Hi Ammar, trying to play with your script but I receive “Attempted to divide by zero.
    At C:\Mgmtscript\exchangeenvironmentdashboard_v1.ps1:2024 char:61
    + $Average_Archive_size2 = “{0:N2}” -f (($total_Archive_size / <<<< $total_Archive_Count) /1073741824)
    + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [], RuntimeException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : RuntimeException"
    Obviously the graph related to mailbox distribution is wrong.
    Any seggestion ?!?
    Tnx for your work.

  2. P.S. I’m working on version1 ’cause of I can’t download from Skydrive. Wouldn’t be possible to put the ver.2 script on your site or somewhere else from Skydrive ?
    Tnx in advance.
    Wonderfull integration with graph but the most required is Mailbox distribution
    Great job, keep on…

  3. Hi Ammar. I have been looking at your “BitLocker PowerShell Script Backup Encrypted Keys” PowerShell script and it works great. But what it is missing is pulling TPM Recovery Hash for Windows 8/8.1 machines. The msTPM-OwnerInformation attribute is only valid for WIndows 7 boxes. With the release of Windows 8 the attribute is now msTPM-tpmInformationForComputer but that is only half of the equation. The value in msTPM-tpmInformationForComputer is actually just a pointer to the object in the TPM Devices container. In the TPM Devices container you then need to look at the msTPM-OwnerInformation attribute to pull the TPM Owner Hash. What I have been unable to do/figure out is how to pull all of the information BL Recovery key, Recovery password, & TPM owner hash for Windows 7 & 8 machines into a single .csv. If you can figure this out that would be awesome. I’m by no means a PowerShell guru

  4. Hey Ammar,
    I”m having some strange issue with a director whose outlook client is not showing attendees in the people pane (outlook 2013 client)
    There are some appointments she has where she is not able to see the attendees however others on the same appointment can. For example, one user sends a meeting invite to her and some other users, the rest of the users can see all the attendees in the people’s pane when they open the meeting appointment from outlook client. but She doesn’t

    Please help!

    • I did not face such thing but typically a workaround you could try is to move his mailbox to different database which will cause him to have a new mailbox and any corrupted items will be cleaned. Another thing, is the same issue happenes in owa? This may indicate if it is client issue or not.

      • Hello Ammar,

        Yes, the similar issue is on OWA as well which makes me think that it could not be a client side issue. Once this issue occurs, meaning the vip is not able to see the attendees in the people pane, it doesn’t show the attendees on the corporate iphone device as well. I will try to move her mailbox to a different database and see the results.

        thanks for a prompt response.

  5. Hello I am trying to add more info on the processors as I need to add the speed of the processors but am always hitting a dead end as it is not very clear for me SQL Queries.

    • Howdy thanks for the comment. Oh, you are talking about the sccm report i beleive… Mmmm… Long time… I am outside country for a one month travel..will try to look at it. Sounds good?

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