PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio


I love Visual Studio, and i love writing code. I have come across PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio this morning, and i tried it out. The tool simply allows you to write your PowerShell Scripts from within Visual Studio (2012) or (2013).

I was so excited to try it out. So i downloaded the tools which is still in beta from the below link:


PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio


If you are familiar with Visual Studio, you are going to love it. Nevertheless, i guess since the tool is still in beta, it needs some time to mature. I got couple of termination errors and it is hard to evaluate complex variables when in debug mode. For example, if i have an array variable, i cannot get its content in debug mode, which leaves me to get back to my ISE environment for now.

After all, great work from Adam Driscoll Indeed !

PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio3

PowerShell ISE Extension – Make your script environment more intelligent

If you are working on PowerShell ISE alot, and you find your self searching for functions and variables, looking into a big script block about occurrences and calls to those items, then this PowerShell Module/Extension is something you should look at. This tools is created by PowerShell MVP Doug Finke and it is called “PSharp”

You can download it from here https://github.com/dfinke/PSharp