The story of Multi-Factor Authentication and the Azure MFA [Updated Feb 2017]

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10 comments on “The story of Multi-Factor Authentication and the Azure MFA [Updated Feb 2017]

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  6. Hi Ammar, which Visio symbol/icon set did you use for the Azure MFA Mobile App, SMS and Call images? It looks very nice!

  7. Hi Ammar,

    I wonder if you can help – in our scenario, Azure has SSPR information such as “Authentication Phone”. When we use MFA on premises server we need to add mobile number to user AD profile or manually add it to the user in MFA console.

    Bearing in mind Azure has mobile number already for each user is it possible to have the MFA server request Azure to simply call/text the number associated with the Azure AD Premium user?

    Our users do not want their mobile numbers visible in the Exchange GAL and I don’t really want to have (potentially) multiple authentication numbers for our users.

    If Azure has the info already it makes sense to use it.

    Any ideas appreciated.


    • Hi..
      Let us try to go back..

      Microsoft has acquired a company that do multi factor authentication and they did some integration with azure web services to do the second factor authentication. The product in the first place is designed to pull information from AD or entered manually from the product management console.

      I did not think Microsoft has done a full development cycle on the product so that the product will connect to Azure AD and pull records their where phone numbers are. They just integrate the web services that perform the second factor.

      After all, this is not a pure fully build up product from Microsoft to expect such integration with azure.

      • Hi Ammar,

        Thanks for responding!

        Your answer makes perfect sense. I am hoping that as things evolve Microsoft integrate the on prem MFA details with the azure self service details. It would make sense to do this.

        I will keep an eye on things 🙂


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