Azure GUID to ImmutableID and vise versa Desktop App

When working with Azure AD, and you deploy one of the Azure AD Synchronization tools like AD Connect, by default objectGUID is used as your ImmutableID. When objects are synced to Azure AD, objects in the cloud will have a converted value of the objectGUID in a base-64 version called ImmutableID.

Let us say that a user called John exist in your AD, his objectGUID is something like this:

Objectguid to immutableID1

The user objectGUID is converted  to base-64 and stored in AD Sync tool metaverse as (sourceAnchor) , and in Azure AD as ImmutableID:


So sometime you want a tool that converts from objectGUID to ImmutableID and the other way.

So I created a simple desktop application, that you click on , and use it to easily convert between Azure ImmutableID and AD objectGUID

Azure Identity Converter Desktop App

The application is so small (500k) as you can see below:


Just double click it and the app will open:


Now you can simply enter an AD GUID and it will compute the ImmutableID (Azure ID for that GUID)


Or you can enter an Azure ImmutableID and it will compute the object GUID in your AD:


Download the APP

You can download the APP from here. For those who are afraid to run untrusted application, be rest that the tool does not install anything, it only prompts for values and no admin rights are needed:)

3 comments on “Azure GUID to ImmutableID and vise versa Desktop App

  1. great tool but be nice if it could do the converting from the Base 64 value we get from local AD. I got stuck because i was getting the wrong id.

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