Balance Cluster groups – Alert Script



You have two cluster nodes running two cluster groups (i.e File share and SQL instance).

You want to make sure that one cluster group is online on a cluster node and the other cluster group is hosted on the other cluster node.

You want to get an alert if both cluster groups are hosted on the same cluster nodes.




Script Details

It is so practical to go to one of the cluster nodes, open Task Scheduler, and create a basic task to run the script every hour for example. Make sure :

  • You set the PowerShell execution on that cluster node to unrestricted, by opening PowerShell using admin elevation and running Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted 
  • Make sure the schedule task is using the (System) context when running



Now, open the script, go to the Script Customization section and enter the following :

  • SMTP Settings
  • Resource Group names by assigning values to the following two variables :
    • Resource1
    • Resource2

Download Script

You can download the script from this link 

Cluster Quorum

Definition : Number of elements that should be online for the cluster to be running .Each element is a vote
Elements :
1. Cluster nodes (Full copy of cluster Database
2. Disk (Full copy of cluster Database)
3. windows shre ( partial copy of cluster Database)
-Cluster service makes sure to synch the cluster database between the cluster elements.
-When subset of the elements has Quorum  ,means they can bring the cluster up.
Types of Quorum :
-Disk only : nodes that can communicate with the Disk , can create cluster ( single point of failure )( cluster database is only on the disk)
-Disk and Node Majority : Votes ( each node has a copy of the cluster database)
-Node Majority : Odd number
-Node Majority and share : Even number
Cluster Database :
-contains the number of memebers in the cluster to determine majority
-info about  local database in each exchange 2010 node
-Registration info : about which NICs are for MAPI and Replication ( Exchnage 2010)
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